Bon Voyage!

This is what I was inside of just 24 hours ago! The coming of more pictures is immanent!


Afternoon in the Woods

I went on little jaunt recently at a local park with a dear friend. The park has some short wood-sy hiking trails which we traversed, taking our time, laughing lots, snapping pictures. We ended with an impromptu portrait session at a covered bridge and on some nearby railroad tracks.

For more pictures visit Emily’s lovely journal:

Image Credit: Emily

Football wasn’t all I did…

A week after my birthday I went on a trip with some really great people. A shopping kind of trip. With some great girlfriend kind of people. And some great mother kind of people. And we had a great time. Can you guess where we went? It shouldn’t be that hard. This is me we’re talkin’ about after all.

If you said “Anthropologie” you were right!

Image Credit: Cheryl

Ah, we went a few other places too. Just a few.

Image Credit: Lillian

What I did for my birthday…

Watched my brother play football and I had a great time! Except for the part when someone tried to sing to me. We won’t say who…


“The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.”

-Isaiah 40:8


*Oh, not the black box again! Just go away and let me sleep! Hey wait… what’s that smell…*

i love

Isn’t playing with new toys fun? Even when you’re “all grown up”? Except, when you’re grown up the toys are less flashy and more expensive. It’s a good thing I have family members who are willing to chip in and help pay for new toys.

*The above photo was shot with our new Canon Rebel.*