Day Three: Tongeren and the Gallo-Roman Museum

Tongeren is a must for a Sunday morning in Belgium. Every Sunday there is a massive antique fair in the town. Tongeren is the oldest city in Belgium and was founded by the Romans. The museum in Tongeren has some lovely Roman pieces found in the city.


Day Two: Waterloo

Our visit to Waterloo was a combination of beautiful weather, an interesting history lesson, an impromptu photo shoot and two hundred and sixty odd steps. Very fun!

Day One: Brussels and Bonne EspĂ©rance

My brother and I arrived in Belgium yesterday and were met by our dear friends who reside there. In order to dispose of jet lag we were taken out on whirlwind tour of Brussels (pausing only to scarf down a waffle) followed by a visit to The School of Good Hope, an abbey which dates from 1125.


Bonne Esperance (The School of Good Hope)

Afternoon in the Woods

I went on little jaunt recently at a local park with a dear friend. The park has some short wood-sy hiking trails which we traversed, taking our time, laughing lots, snapping pictures. We ended with an impromptu portrait session at a covered bridge and on some nearby railroad tracks.

For more pictures visit Emily’s lovely journal:

Image Credit: Emily

Football wasn’t all I did…

A week after my birthday I went on a trip with some really great people. A shopping kind of trip. With some great girlfriend kind of people. And some great mother kind of people. And we had a great time. Can you guess where we went? It shouldn’t be that hard. This is me we’re talkin’ about after all.

If you said “Anthropologie” you were right!

Image Credit: Cheryl

Ah, we went a few other places too. Just a few.

Image Credit: Lillian

My Sweet Friend

“A word in earnest is as good as a speech.” – Charles Dickens, Bleak House

I think of my friendship with Lillian as being like that between Esther and Ada in Dicken’s Bleak House. Esther is a little older, quiet, kindly towards others but prefers to be left to herself whereas Ada is younger, lively and more ambitious. Together they laugh and they cry, each depends upon the encouragement and the honesty of the other. Thank you Lillian for being one of the best friends I have ever had. I had so much fun taking your picture yesterday. Congratulations on your graduation!