Of Scarves and Seas

First of all I must confess something to you. I went to the beach yesterday. That’s not the confession. This is: I forgot my camera. Totally. Completely. Forgot. And it was a beautiful day. *sigh*

Now let’s get to the real reason for this post. I bought a little Summer dress the other day on clearance at Belk’s. It fit wonderfully and it was terribly comfortable but it was just too plain. After digging through my ever so slightly overwhelming stash of patterns and fabric I came up with a piece of a vintage feed sack that I had bought some time ago at an antique fair. It matched the dress perfectly and it was just barely enough to make Amy Butler’s “Sash with Beaded Fringe” pattern (which is available for free on her site). Because of the delicate nature of the fabric I had chosen I was forced to entirely hand sew this project and it took me two days working on it here and there as I had time. Under normal conditions though this would be a very quick and easy pattern.

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(For the scarf pattern mouse over “free patterns” and click “sewing patterns” you will get a pop-up window with a list of patterns. The scarf is towards the bottom.)